Parker Mediation-Arbitration specializies in the expedited resolution of employment and labour law matters, and in particular, cases and claims of wrongful discharge and unjust dismissal.   


Tim Parker has been practicing as a professional neutral for more than 30 years, having served in the capacity of CEO, as the first Director and Registrar of the Ontario Labour Relations Board, Canada in it's over 70 year history, and as a public and private sector facilitator, mediator, referee, adjudicator and arbitrator. He has an international reputation for expertise in dispute resolution, litigation management, employment law and administrative justice. Mr. Parker was considered the  “go-to” person for all litigation management issues, administrative law practices and procedures, alternative dispute resolution and best business practices for Tribunals, Boards, and Commissions, including the NLRB and CLRB. 


Tim is also experienced in cases involving human rights and discrimination in employment, CLC, OLRA, OHSA, ESA, Title VII, ADEA, FLSA, NLRA and other related employment law matters, and, of course, labor relations, collective bargaining and grievance mediation and arbitration. Additionally, he has practiced dispute resolution in the areas of Commercial, IP and Civil litigation: breach of contract, personal injury, business sales, mergers and acquistions, legal fee disputes and business dissolution matters.


Professional Memberships, Rosters & Affiliations - Highlights:

Labour Canada’s List of Approved Arbitrators, Adjudicators and Referees Mediator - Mandatory Mediation Rosters - Ontario Courts (Canada)

Arbitrator and Mediator - Toronto Construction Association (TCA) Rosters

American Bar Association (USA)

Association for Conflict Resolution (USA and International)

Association of Dispute Resolution (Canada)

Association of Labor Relations Agencies - ALRA (USA and Canada)

SOAR - Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators (Canada) 

CIAJ - Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (Canada)

Canada Bar Association/Ontario Bar Association (Canada)

The Law Office Management Association - TLOMA (Canada)

International Association of Arbitration (EU and USA)

American Institute of Mediation (USA)

Association of Legal Administrators (USA and International)



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